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Listing the Different Types of Medical Transportation

Types of Medical Transportation

Medical transportation services are beneficial in a way that patients are being transported between facilities. An ambulance service in Atlanta is an example of the fact that medical transportation services save the lives of many people. Medical transportation services are tailored according to the severity of the situation, patient’s medical condition, and the mileage. Other details related to the patient are also taken into account. Here are some of the types of medical transportation:

  • Non-emergency medical transportation
    Non-emergency medical transportation is designed to transport individuals with a health condition or injury that does not require immediate attention. The injury or health condition, in this case, is not a serious threat. Non-emergency medical transportation is usually recommended for patients who find it difficult to travel on their own. Examples of such type of medical transportation include the stretcher medical transport for those individuals who cannot sit upright; ambulatory transportation for those individuals who need basic assistance; and wheelchair transport services for those who are confined to a wheelchair or who cannot walk.
  • Emergency medical transportation
    On the contrary, emergency medical transportation caters to individuals with a health condition or injury that ultimately needs immediate attention. Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) will assist individuals during the whole course. The emergency medical vehicles are usually referred to as Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance and Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance.

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