• Florida: 844-A-PRO-EMS (844-277-6367)
  • Georgia: 855-A-PRO-EMS (855-277-6367)
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We can never tell when an emergency might take place. It’s best to be ready! At AmeriPro EMS, we are ready to respond to your needs with our crew of medical professionals and our fleet of specially-equipped vehicles on standby 24/7.
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AmeriPro EMS can provide you with the following:

  • 911 Emergency Response

    Emergency situations require immediate response. We act on your 911 emergency call as quickly as we can to prevent complications and unwanted outcomes. Trust us in providing safe and efficient transportation during emergencies.

  • Inter-Facility Medical Transportation

    Our continuous investment in high-quality health care practitioners and cutting-edge industry technology allow us to integrate into any health system and provide the highest clinical and operational efficiency. We have a full compliment of Critical Care, ALS and BLS services.

  • Critical Care Medical Transportation with Certified Critical Care Teams

    The CCEMTP (Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program) is provided to our health care partners utilizing certified Critical Care Teams. Through this program, our Advanced Critical Care teams provide the highest quality of care in inter-facility critical care transport. Our health care teams capable and certified in managing multiple medications via pump infusion and ventilatory management.

  • Emergency Management and Disaster Planning

    AmeriPro EMS offers emergency management consulting that is focused on comprehensive emergency management plans and related disaster, homeland security and business continuity planning, training, and exercise services including active shooter planning. Our team of planners, subject matter experts, exercise developers, and trainers are prepared to help you with your emergency preparedness, homeland security and business continuity requirements.

  • Global Advanced Life Support Accompaniment with a RN

    There are certain situations where the skills of a registered nurse may be required during the transport of a patient. We can provide the necessary service to ensure that the patient is taken care of during transport.

  • Global Air Medical Transportation (contracted)

    When land travel is not feasible, we provide contracted air medical transportation for our patients. This way, we can reach any patient anywhere and at any time.

  • Film and TV Set Coverage

    High-risk stunt scenes warrant the presence of an able-bodied team of paramedics on standby. We can provide the necessary medical transportation for film and TV sets.

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