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Staying Calm and Composed During Emergencies

Staying Calm and Composed During Emergencies

What may not get the best of us during emergencies is getting panicked over the entire stressful situation. Just like our team at AmeriPro EMS, we respond to emergencies by not letting panic overwhelm everyone anymore. As we have seen in our emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia, staying calm can help save lives and alleviate the pressing situation.

Panic can cloud our judgment or thinking during these situations, adding more problems to the crises. Training and preparing yourselves for emergencies can help you stay calm and composed when it actually occurs. With that, here are steps that our medical transportation in Georgia recommends you follow to act accordingly during emergencies:

  • Breathe slowly.

    By the time one’s heart rate goes over 175 beats per minute, a person won’t be able to think and act clearly. Our ambulance service in Atlanta suggests inhaling through your nose, holding your breath, and exhaling through your mouth can slow down the heart rate.

  • Recognize the emergency.

    When bad things happen, we tend to deny that the situation is really happening. Once a person recognizes the emergency and its factors, he or she can weigh in options or actions that should be taken right away, such as calling for emergency transport in Jacksonville, Florida.

  • Decide an action and execute it.

    After taking in the whole situation and knowing your set of actions, calming yourself to decide and execute the best action to help yourself and the people around you. Don’t forget to contact help as well from ems St. Augustine, Florida.

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