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Contact Numbers in Case of Emergency

Who You Should Put in Your Emergency List

Nobody wants to be in a life-or-death situation, and yet, these events still happen. No matter who you are, whether you’re influential or not, emergency situations happen without warning. Because of that, we want to be able to reduce the impact of worse consequences. Even if we can’t stop emergencies, at least we can lessen the repercussions.

Keeping a list of emergency contact persons is a practical way to reduce the impact of life-and-death situations. When you get the immediate help you need, lives can still be saved. As a provider of emergency medical services in Georgia, this is also our advocacy. We aim to provide life-saving help when emergency situations occur.

For that, we recommend that you keep the contact numbers of these people so you can have instant help when you need it.

  • Spouse, Parent, or Closest Family Member
    Our family is the default contact person during emergencies. This is expected since they are the ones who will really matter to you. You know that they will do everything to keep you safe and secure.
  • Closest Friend or Neighbor
    When our family members are not living near to us, the next on the list is our friend or neighbor. It can also be someone we know from work or church. For as long as you trust these people, include their numbers on the list. Also, make sure that they know you are including them in the emergency list.
  • Medical Doctor
    If you have a primary physician, you also need to keep their contact number on the emergency list. Most emergency situations have something to do with our health. When we keep our doctor’s number, we can quickly access them.
  • Ambulance Number
    Aside from the medical doctor, you also need to keep the number of a provider of ambulance service in Atlanta. Whenever you need to transport someone to the hospital or any care facility, you already have a reliable vehicle to carry you. This reduces the risks of life threats as healthcare professionals also take charge of these vehicles.
  • Every Person Who Needs to Know
    Depending on the relevance of the situation, there are still other persons who need to know when we are in an emergency situation. This could be your colleagues, babysitters, pet-sitters, school teachers, or police officers. For as long as you know they will NEED to know about your situation, then include them in your list.

Does your phone have an emergency contact list? If not, you better update your contact list today. For a quick tip, precede their names with ICE, which stands for “In Case of Emergency”. You will know quickly what name to type. Also, put their numbers on speed dial to give you quicker access.

For your needs on medical transportation in Atlanta, Georgia, you can trust AmeriPro EMS. We are here to provide you the emergency transport service you need by the time you need it. If you have inquiries about our service, contact us right away.

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